The Best YT channels for home workouts !

Published on 2 August 2020 at 14:13

Hey again,

 For this weeks blog I thought I would kind of carry on the theme of being healthy by listing my favourite Home workout YouTube channels. Also in case you were wondering with the snacks last week I was about to make the cauliflower buffalo wings but the shop I went to didn’t have any left but I am gonna try and make some of the others ! So my favourite home friendly workout you tubers (in a random order) are......

1. Blogilates 

Blogilates is a very popular YouTube channel and as you can see she is verified and Cassey Ho how runs this is a certified instructor ! She explains everything really well and I love the music she uses.

She does other videos not just exercising like on the screen shot I took it you can see a video teaching you had to do the splits ! (I am literally the least flexible person everrr)

2. The body Coach

The body coach is definitely one of my favourites. He does all sorts of videos and exercises and he does them for adults or kids. I a,so know that he has recipe books but the only thing is the fact that some schools use this it may put you off  🤷‍♀️.

I like his spider man suit tho it’s pretty cool 😎 

3. Madfit

Mad fit is again on of my favourites I love all her videos and probably use this channel the most . She does different exercises and sometimes dancing workouts if you prefer those and she does videos with and without equipment in case you don’t have it.

Love a good bit of one direction too!

4. Chloe Ting 

Chloe Ting is another really popular workout channel I have seen her all over Tik tok. She’s definitely a good channel and I tried her two week thing and gave up on day 4 (whoops) because I got a bit bored and it’s probably just me but I do t like the fact that she does really short ones and then really long ones. But overall I think it’s a good channel. She also does other videos then workouts though which are fun to watch.

That’s all the channels I recommend sorry this weeks is a bit late and shorter than usual but I have an exciting announcement which took me quite a while, if you look on the menu at the top you should see a new page  so go check it out I hope you guys like it because it took me a while !! Thanks for reading this blog I am  really enjoying writing them.
L x

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