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Published on 17 July 2020 at 17:23

Heyy (again)

So we are still stuck in quarantine and it’s officially day 126. (I know it’s a flippin lot)

And one on the worst things is that it’s the summer holidays and we can’t go away :( the only good thing about having 6 weeks off is that we can go out to restaurants or go to different countries on holiday but we can barely leave our houses!  Because of that I thought when we get out of quarantine where do I really want to go? So I have picked my top 12 holiday destinations 1st is where a most want to go and 12th least !!!✈️............


My Top 12 Places To Visit.....

12. Madrid

Number 12 for me is Madrid. I think that the streets are really elegant and pretty as all Spanish cities are. Also I think the food and drink in Spain is always really good and it would be a fun city break.

11. Rome

Rome is definitely one I’d love to go to I think it’s a really beautiful city . The food is amazing (in the photos I’ve seen) and it’s obviously Italian food and I mean who doesn’t love pizza? The only thing I would say is there is a lot to do but the big attractions are churches and historical buildings and I’m not about to turn my holiday into a Religious education lesson!

10.Banff National Park- Canada

I mean I don’t think I have to say much for this one..... look how gorgeous. I would love to come here to see this place it looks amazing but I haven’t really looked into what you can actually do in Canada just the national park .(whoops).

9. Huser Yaylasi -Turkey 

Yaylasi in turkey looks incredible and really calming. I would absolutely love to get on that swing above the clouds 😍

8. French Rivera

The French Riviera is my number 8 cause it looks so nice and pretty. They have a beach and I think there is quite a lot to do in France.

7. Fairbanks - Alaska 

I would LOVE to come here not only to see the cool northern lights but also those mini igloo house things look sick.

6.Bora Bora

Bora Bora looks incredible and I would say it would be one of those holidays where you do absolutely nothing. But I wouldn’t mind the Maldives or Bora Bora cause they are the same concept with the villas in the water.


Hawaii looks gorgeous too including the water but I’m not sure how I feel about going in cause of the shark attacks that happen there but if there wasn’t any sharks then I would definitely consider. :)


PARIS I would love love love love to go to Paris. L’amour! ( don’t do french in school tho so I think I would get a bit lost) I think the city looks amazing, great opportunities for photos for the gram and also as a plus I love croissants .


Again gorgeous. It’s a cute little island in Greece too and the little towns look so pretty and relaxing. And it gives me mamma Mia vibes!


I would love to go to Iceland would be so fun cause in the UK we barely get any snow cause the rain washes it away :( but the reason I really want to go is because the blue lagoon looks so so so good!

1.New York


I absolutely love this city so much! Loads of great tv shows are filmed there and based there. I honestly want to live there and everything. I have already been but I would love to go again for longer !

So that’s my top 12 places, they all look so amazing. I hope you have added them to some of your bucket lists or if you haven’t already got a bucket list make one they are actually really good fun to make. Later I am going to be posting a TikTok including these places so go check that out. I hope you enjoyed this blog and let me know if there is something specific you want me to write about.

L x

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