My first Blog

Published on 6 July 2020 at 18:08


 This is my first blog *YAY*

oh god this is nerve racking.

Ok there is one thing that I am confident about and that’s why I’m writing this blog. I decided to write this blog to inspire teen girls to be different and to find themselves without any pressure on being a certain way. I think we’ve all been in a boring school assembly sat on the dirty floor and heard the quote “be yourself because everyone else is already taken”. Honestly though although it’s corny there is some truth in it. And if there is one thing I want to get across in these blogs is breaking the stereo type and being different. Not trying to meet societies needs and expectations of being ‘pretty’ or have a certain ‘body type’ . We just need to be us and it’s really hard when you feel like loads of people are judging you.

Don’t worry though not all my blogs are going to be a lecture. I’m hoping to do some blogs about fashion, skin care and products. But mainly tips about how to find yourself and be you in this crazy pressured world. I have set up social media accounts so check those out and share this blog with someone who needs it or someone you think will like it! And I’m hoping my blogs will be a bit longer and obviously give you an demand both less of lecture vibes. In case you were wondering I am going to stay anonymous but I will leave you with the fact my name starts with an L...


(ps dm me on Instagram or email me if you want to request a blog theme!)

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