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Published on 6 July 2020 at 17:49


 I’m back :)

This is my second blog and in case anyone is still wondering....... yes it is still nerve racking.

In my last Blog I gave you that boring lecture (it was truthful but still boring). So today I decided to talk about well-being while stuck in quarantine and not the boring wellbeing I’m talking fun things you can do. While some of you may be keeping your sanity (sort of) even if you are or aren’t I’d still recommend reading on. And don’t worry although wellbeing is something your school spams you with emails about which I mean ... it is, I have chosen some fun things you can do to be happy !! 😆

1. Give yourself a spa day

One of the best ways of relaxing in my opinion is giving your self a treat a.k.a a spa day. Light some candles, run a bubble bath, get a bath bomb ( I recommend lush ones they are my fave!). You can just listen to music or watch some Netflix. Put on a face mask do your skin care routine. Anything that you like doing for your skin counts as doing something to make you happier. Also comment if you want me to do my favourite skin care products.

2. Laugh !

3. Go for a walk

Laughing is great for your happiness. It make a HUGE difference. Do you know what the easiest ways to laugh is ?......... No! Well put on a comedy. There are some great comedies to make you laugh. But one of the most common ways today to laugh is to look a memes or watch funny Tik tok (check out my account-@teen..bubble). Lad bible is a great account to look on both Instagram and Tik tok.


I know what your thinking ‘ughhh a boring walk ‘ and yes that is kind of what it is. You can make it fun by putti g on some music going through a forest or woods near you. Just getting some fresh air clears you and makes you feel a lot better on a bad day. For the people lucky enough to have a dog you go on walks anyway with them and that’s a great way to get you outside.

4. Chat with friends 

Literally I cannot express it enough but being with friends lifts your sprits so high. Even if it’s just over FaceTime, house party or zoom. If your on tik tok you will probably have seen people do themed face times where they dress up and do quizzes and honestly that sounds so much fun. You can also meet up with them while social distancing (if your allowed). I live in the UK so we can go on walks and meet up as long as you are 2 meters apart but different countries have different rules. 

5. Set yourself a project 

Do something fun... set yourself a project. It can be absolutely anything. You can start your own business as many teens are doing now. You could paint or build something for your garden anything. And do you know what ? Your reading my project right now. Yep this blog was my project and I have enjoyed it so much !

That’s all my fun little activities you can do to feel happier. You should try some cause it will help you a lot especially if your stressed because of things that are happening around the world. Again if you have any requests or feedback for me anything from constructive criticism or just saying you liked my blog this week. I started a Pinterest account this week too which I will be linking in the contact me page so go have a look. Anyways thanks for reading.


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